Puerto Sotogrande is the most exclusive nautical sports tourism enclave in the south of Spain , with a total of 1,382 moorings at the meeting point of seas, countries and continents. Browse, live and feel with us.

Located at a crossroads of cultures on the Costa del Sol and bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, Puerto Sotogrande majestically greets the Strait of Gibraltar and the Atlantic Ocean to which it welcomes.

At Sotojets we are dedicated to Jet Ski Rental for Guided Tours in Puerto Duquesa and Puerto Sotogrande. No license required.

Enjoying a Jet Ski Route is an amazing activity in which, together with your friends, you will sail on a fantastic latest model Jet Ski, gliding on the waves and enjoying the sea to the full. Get your adrenaline pumping!

The Jet Ski Routes depart from Puerto Duquesa and Puerto Sotogrande.

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